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You can find the most asked questions and answers on these questions in our FAQ.

What is the difference between filter and foam earplugs?

Foam earplugs aren’t durable, aren’t as comfortable to wear, and Music as well as conversations end up sounding muffled. In contrast, Thunderplugs earplugs maintain the sound quality and are pleasant to wear.

How to use Thunderplugs earplugs?

Never take the earplugs out when in a noisy environment. Never remove the filters from the earplugs.

How do I clean the earplugs?

You can gently rinse the earplugs in lukewarm water. You don’t have to remove the filters.

Why is it bad if not enough of too much sound is absorbed?

Filtering out too little sound can lead to permanent hearing damage. This can leave you with a constant ringing in your ear. Filtering too much sound can lead to a “cotton effect”, which can leave you feeling too isolated. Among others, this can lead to nausea or dizziness. Good insulation is therefore very important

What does the CE marking stand for?

With this certificate, we confirm that our earplugs meet all quality and safety requirements defined by the EU and the US

Are the filters exchangeable?

The regular Thunderplugs contain 1 filter. The Thunderplugs Propack contains two different filters: one with 26 dB and one with 19 dB. These are interchangeable. The filters are not sold separately.

Where can I buy Thunderplugs?

Our earplugs are sold on this website, at various festivals and in all places listed under “Locations” on our homepage.

I have lost the fitting instructions! How do I use Thunderplugs?

Take an earplug with your index finger and your thumb. Slightly raise the top of your auricle,  and gently insert the earplug into your ear with a rotating motion until it fits nicely.

Can I order a Thunderplugs machine for in my club/pub/bar/whatever?

Yes, off course! Call us on 020 2170178 or email us on (or have a look on our ‘collaborate page.

How can I ensure that Thunderplugs can be bought on my festival?

Call us on 020 2170178 or email us on

Which payment options are there?

You can pay with iDEAL, PayPal and credit card in our webshop.

Do I pay for shipping?

Yes, you pay regular shipping costs for the shipment of a package, namely €3,63.

What is the delivery time?

It takes two working days within the Netherlands. Outside of the Netherlands, this is a bit harder to say.

Does my order fit through the letterbox?

Yes, if you don’t order more than 3 sets of earplugs an order. We’ll send your order in a box if you order more than 3 sets.

My order isn't complete/broken. What now?

Please contact us through the contactform. Clearly state your name and order number so we can help you as swiftly as possible.

I received a wrong order. What now?

Please contact us through the contactform. Clearly state your name and order number so we can help you as swiftly as possible.

Can I return the product?

You can not return the product, this because of hygiene reasons.


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